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Top 5 Portable Solar Panels

Today’s society is a busy, always on the go, society. Everything is moving at a fast pace, and if you are out of the loop for just an instant, you might miss something that is a crucial piece of information to know about, breaking news, or the latest highly amusing viral video about kittens. This means that you must constantly have power to support and operate your gadgets and gizmos.
One of the leaders in the power and energy revolution is solar power: using specially designed panels to capture the Suns energy and convert it into clean, renewable electric energy capable of powering virtually everything. With the vast amount of environmental concerns with regards to global climate change, solar power is one of the hopeful points to find a way to for people to continue to enjoy the luxuries and benefits of the modern world, while ensuring we drastically reduce the amount of harm we’re causing to our planet. As a result you will often see many commercial as well as residential properties installing solar panels on their roofs to supply cleaner, healthier, more sustainable energy to either their business or home.
One of the greatest benefits of solar panel to people, aside from the inherent good it causes for the planet, is financial, as solar panel vastly reduces energy costs. Now the benefits of solar panel can be taken anywhere, as the technology continues to be advanced and the machines are able to be made much and much smaller, allowing for small, lightweight, portable solar panels that can power your electronic devices whether you’re at the city park, or off the grid deep in the woods.
There are many different portable solar panels out there, all of them catered to suit specific needs, so to find the one that is best suited for you when choosing a portable solar panel, there are a few things you should always look for and consider. The first is power output, which tells you how that particular solar panel charges your particular device (as far as connection purposes go) and how powerful it sends out that charge, which can generally give you a good understanding of charge time. Another important thing to look for is storage capacity of the solar panel. Some solar panels only charge a device when it is in direct sunlight with the device connected, but there are more advanced models that have built in storage that keeps energy so you can charge your devices in the dark. Following is some information on some of the top portable solar panels available today.
The Portable Solar Panel Charger from Nexcon is an inexpensive model, costing roughly $20. It is equipped with an internal battery to store energy, and sits in a rugged, water-resistant shell. However, it does not have the quickest of charge times. The Poweradd Apollo 7200 mAh Solar Battery Charger costs around $75, and has a large internal battery giving it a large amount of storage capacity, however it’s solar panel is significantly smaller than most, so even when in direct sunlight it has a slow charge time. The 14W E-Flex, by Renogy, will run you about $50. It lays flat when in use, and folds up for easy storage and added portability. The fold up design means it lacks an internal battery for storage, but with 4 panels that generate a combined 14 watts, it is better suited for more medium to high-charge devices like laptops. Solar Joos Orange costs a hefty $140+, but is well worth it. It is completely waterproof, and has not just an internal battery for the desired energy storage, but also internal processors to maximize how it operates when paired with any device, and has a very fast and powerful charge rate. The X-DRAGON High Efficiency 20W will cost you $70, give or take. More suited for smaller devices and the adventurous person, it is waterproof, folds up for easy storage, and has one of the fastest charge times available.

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